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Here’s me, the cat and some Glow-coloured flowers to tell you that my Glow EP is released today via High Praise.

I’m so grateful for the support of the label and for everyone that’s given it a spin, bought it or said something nice. Each and every time its mad to hear my records on stations like Rinse and 6Music and red-lining it to a sweaty basement at the High Praise party and seeing the dancer’s reactions was dead special too.

Listening back places me in the moments it was made. Some of the tunes have been a while in the making so it’s been lock downs, taking up composition and sound design full time and moving off of the water where i’d been for 10 years. Chipping away at these six tracks has soundtracked all that to some extent, so it feels like a personal one too.

Hope you rate it and find time on this sunny bank holiday to sink into the rhythms and ambiences. It explores 4x4, bruk, breaks and beatless experiments.

If you feel moved to grab a copy today happens to be a Bandcamp Friday which goes the furthest in supporting independent music making. Its also available in decent stores like Phonica. Links to stream are here:

s/o and thanks to team

High Praise



Master - Leon Atter

Art Picture by me Glowed up by Peter Rodeo @ Leighton Space

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