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Connect mix and interview Dampé @ Chicago Calling #136

Gassed to be asked to contribute a mix to the Chicago Calling series for the good people at Connect. New sounds, old favourites and a bunch of forthcoming (finally) stuff from me. Deeper one this, just in time for the weekend and clubbing szn.

Interview and the tracklist are below.

S/o Enrioco for hitting me up

How do you get into a creative flow?

I try to come to music making fresh, clear and focussed. Its not always easy but that can be a run, a drink or just going outside and coming back in the studio. A mental break and then little and often - especially if the magic isn't happening. I try to not get snagged finessing a snare if the whole idea is actual trash. That said, its easy to get lost.

What is the meaning behind your alias?

Dampé is the grave digger in the Zelda Nintendo games. He only comes out at night and has a deep and profound sadness about him. I always identified with that guy.

In which ways could the scene improve in the future?

Better representation, amplified local scenes and less gatekeeping from idiots on the internet.

What can we expect from you in the near future?

I've finally got some music coming out after far too long! I have a single on High Praise by the end of the year and an EP to follow early 2023. I'm gassed. It's taken a while to find what the project means to me and where I want to take it recently but I've never been more proud of the music I'm working on. Bunch of it is in this mix.

What is your main tip for those who are just starting out as music producer now?

Use Ableton, don't get hung up on gear. You can learn most you need to from youtube. Don't sit on tracks forever and keep moving!


Surgeons_Girl -First_Fall

Off The Meds - Belter (bonus track)

Shake - Frayed

Al Wootton - Wyre



Bakongo - Scuba_-_Over_Again

Barker - Cascade Effect


Ryvahl - Down_Alarm

Blawan - Iddy

Money Lang - What Now


L Major - Raving Cru

Sloucho - HOLD IT DOWN

DjRUM - Tension

Topdown_Dialectic - A3

Yosh - One Time

Kincaid - Sugar

Ido_Plumes - Sitting_In_The_Clouds


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